Hyundai introduces humanoid robot DAL-e


Hyundai Motor Group has launched “DAL-e”, a highly advanced customer service robot that communicates independently with people using precision recognition capabilities and mobility functions.

DAL-e plans to perfect its operational capabilities as an android robot.

DAL-e stands for “Driving, Helping You, Connecting With Your Experience”. Designed to pioneer the future of automated customer services, DAL-e stands out with an automatic communication system based on a language understanding platform as well as next-generation artificial intelligence technology for facial recognition.

Dong Jin Hyun, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group and Head of Robotics Lab, explains the next generation robot as follows;

β€œDAL-e is a new generation service platform that can provide automated customer service at any time. It is expected to be a messenger that can deliver consistent messages to customers in a more intimate and personal way than traditional robots. With continuous updates and improvements, DAL-e will offer our valued customers pleasant experiences in a contactless environment. “Our goal is to enable DAL-e to have a smooth and fun communication with customers and to provide them with valuable services.”

Hyundai Motor Group has opened in a Hyundai Motor showroom in Southern Seoul, where DAL-e has started its pilot operation as of January 25. Following the pilot operation, DAL-e is expected to be used in various areas requiring daily interaction with customers, such as Hyundai Motor Company and other showrooms of Kia Corporation.

DAL-e stands out with its compact design

Measuring 1,160 X 600 X 600 mm and weighing 80 kilograms, with its delightfully appealing cut, humanoid body, the DAL-e stands out for its construction that is significantly lighter and more compact than other customer service and guide robots on the market.

DAL-e stands out with its friendly, emotional physical features for close interactions with customers. The humanoid robot detects if a customer enters the showroom without wearing a mask, and advises the customer to wear a mask.

In addition, DAL-e provides useful information about products and services in terms of communication capability. And by responding to verbal screen touch commands, it can automatically establish a seamless dialogue with customers.

In terms of mobility, the DAL-e can move freely using its versatile four wheels and can accompany customers to designated points. In addition, it can wirelessly connect to a large screen in the venue and collect entertaining information such as explaining vehicles and technologies, inviting visitors to take pictures with it, and providing gestural feedback using its moving arms.

Finally, Hyundai Motor Group plans to constantly update Hyundai DAL-e based on data from pilot operations and to perfect its operational capabilities as an advanced android robot.


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