Hyundai has given date for its first flying car!


Having a certain position in the automobile industry, Hyundai is accelerating the search for flying cars by planning the flying car series within ten years. Hyundai has given date for its first flying car!

Hyundai first flying car planned to take off in 2028

Jaiwon Shin, head of the urban air transport unit, said Hyundai Motor Group has developed models that will carry five or six people in metropolitan areas and a larger version for flying between cities. He also stated that the company expects to enter the market in 2028.

“People who are constantly stuck in traffic on the road will understand how comfortable it is to move by aircraft, and then we will see demand explode,” said Jaiwon Shin, head of the urban air transport unit. said.

The automaker and venture company, unaffected by regulatory and safety barriers, is trying to disrupt the transportation industry with flying cars and drones carrying packages. Morgan Stanley estimates that this kind of technology could lead to a $ 2.9 trillion industry by 2040, setting even the most pessimistic value at $ 615 billion, according to analysts and their highest expectations.

Hyundai, Uber Technologies Inc. He exhibited his flying car concept, which he developed with him, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Drivers from service providers like Uber will be able to use these vehicles initially before the company becomes autonomous around 2035.

In the coming years, industry and regulators should address questions such as what type of pilot license is required and how to eliminate or minimize the possibility of accidents. New rules and infrastructure are required to ensure that vehicles do not interfere with aircraft and helicopter traffic.

Jaiwon Shin, head of the urban air transport unit, added the following words;

Some flying cars may hit the market as early as 2023, but Hyundai said it is aiming for 2028, where more infrastructure is being built and public awareness is increased. Hyundai is trying to reduce the cost and noise level of vehicles while keeping safety as the main focus to attract early customers. In addition to human carriers, it is working on a 300-kilo capacity model designed to transport products. The company did not decide where to build the aircraft or to introduce it first. He said that Hyundai benefits from having a global sales network and units that can provide services and help build infrastructure for an aircraft ecosystem.

The group’s businesses include automobile construction, auto parts, construction and logistics. The availability of all these resources will help open up markets for us. We are different from other developers who only look at one aspect of the business. We have advantages over planners due to the mass production expertise of automobile manufacturers. For example, while Airbus and Boeing each deliver less than 1,000 aircraft a year, automakers can earn millions. We think that aircraft production will probably be hundreds of thousands. We do not want to be the first to enter the market, we want to be the first with the right product. He completed his sentences saying.


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