Hyundai buys Boston Dynamics, from the robot dog Spot


Hyundai announced this Monday morning (21) the purchase of robotics engineering company Boston Dynamics, a business valued at US$ 1.1 billion (about R$ 5.6 billion in direct conversion). The negotiation started at the end of 2020 and is now concluded with the acquisition of shareholding control of the American company directly from the Japanese multinational SoftBank.

After closing the deal, Hyundai Motor Group will hold 80% of the shares of Boston Dynamics and the Japanese will keep the rest. SoftBank had provisionally acquired Alphabet’s robot factory, which owns Google, which had been in control of the company for more than three years.

Although the SoftBank era was shorter, it was during the current time that the robotics company launched its most famous product, the “dog” Spot. This year, the company announced Stretch, an upgrade of the Handle logistics robot.

Hyundai’s objectives in the field of robotics

In the announcement of the acquisition, Hyundai stated that, in addition to ensuring leadership in the field of robotics, it is taking another important step towards its strategic transformation into being a “smart mobility solutions provider”. This includes, in addition to robots, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI) and urban air mobility (UAM).

The arrival of Boston Dynamics aims to provide a breakthrough in the application of advanced technologies both in the field of safety and in important areas of Hyundai, such as manufacturing, logistics, construction and automation. Boston’s service footprint seeks to create a value chain with robotics as both companies expand products and global sales.


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