Hyundai Announces World’s First Openable Roof Airbag


Hyundai has announced the airbag developed for the world’s first retractable ceilings. According to Hyundai, this airbag system only works when the vehicle rolls over and covers the entire roof in 0.08 seconds.

Hyundai, one of the important names in the automobile industry, has achieved a good start especially in the last few years. The South Korean automobile manufacturer, which has made radical changes in automobile models and started to push its competitors seriously, has now signed under a new technology that will deeply affect the automobile industry. Hyundai aims to increase driver and passenger safety with the latest technology it develops.

According to the statements made by Hyundai, the company has developed the world’s first airbag that can work on openable ceilings. This system, which includes 24 different patented technologies, is activated only when the vehicle rolls over, and within 0.08 seconds, it completely covers the glass roof of the vehicle and prevents people inside the vehicle from being thrown from this window or damaged in any way.

That’s how the airbag developed by Hyundai looks like
In fact, Hyundai has been working on airbags since 2002. The company, which succeeded in producing airbags for sunroofs in 2017, has now come up with a more advanced airbag system for openable ceilings. According to these statements made by Hyundai, the system will be accessible globally in all markets.

The system, which has successfully completed the tests it entered during the development process, has been introduced to all drivers in a technical seminars recently organized by the US National Road Traffic Safety Administration. Hyundai has made no explanation as to when new airbags will meet consumers.


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