Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz in the struggle to produce


Rumors about the making of an Apple car are getting hotter and a deal with an automaker is expected to close soon.

South Korean Hyundai remains the most cited as the likely partner responsible for producing the model, which will be electric and not necessarily with autonomy functions. Speculation about the alliance has already appeared through different sources and the announcement even caused the brand’s shares to skyrocket in early January 2021.

A Kia Motors factory, which is an affiliate of Hyundai, would be the location chosen for production, with the first units expected to launch in 2024. The information is from the Korea IT News, published by the Reuters news agency. For now, the automaker declined to comment on the matter and said it had received “requests for potential cooperation from several companies”.

One more in the race?

However, as the negotiations have not yet ended and Apple has not decided who is chosen, another automaker may end up closing the contract instead. And, according to IT Home, the German Mercedes-Benz would still be interested in Apple’s plans.

Several other large companies in the sector have also shown interest in being the brand behind the “Apple Car” and the decision should now be made in 2021.


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