Hyundai adds a “sporty” touch to its new Tucson


New Hyundai Tucson gets N Line hardware. The N Line touch to Hyundai’s 2021 Tucson model is thought to give the vehicle a more sporty look both inside and outside.

It has been a few months since Hyundai’s boldly unveiling its fourth-generation SUV. Now, the South Korean automaker is trying to offer more Tucson options to bring buyers to the Hyundai showroom.

Extra options include a PHEV variant from Tucson and a teaser for a new Tucson N Line. Launched in November, the New Hyundai introduced the Tucson in a similar fashion to the automaker N Line. That’s why auto commentators think the new teaser points to the improved Tucson N.

In addition, the titivations, as expected from a N Line model, have a slightly larger grille with the “N Line” badge. In addition, there are butch bumpers front and rear, larger rear spoilers, and twin tailpipes. At the same time, the Tucson with the N Line model offers an aggressive look.

Inside, there is a N line steering wheel and gear lever. There are N Line sports seats, aluminum pedals, 10.25 inch gauges and infotainment screen, three-zone and heated front and rear seats.

The Tucson N Line’s engine options include a 1.6-liter with 148 bhp, 1.6-liter hybrid with 148 bhp or 178 bhp, or a 227 bhp or 261 bhp plug-in hybrid from the same engine with mild hybrid assistance.

The new Hyundai Tucson N Line is expected to be available from spring. It is thought that the manufacturer will announce the full technical specifications and price until that time.


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