HyunA reveals details of her relationship with E’Dawn


HyunA talked about her relationship with E’Dawn, the ups and downs they have as a couple, and what they have learned.

The Korean pop singer attended the famous show “Radio Star” before postponing all her activities due to the vasovagal attack she suffered recently and which led her to postpone her comeback date with “Good Girl” and the release of her prime full. album, HyunA shared what her life is like with E’Dawn.


During an interview for the show “Radio Star”, HyunA decided to ask about her love life, although her courtship has been public since it was confirmed, there are details that her fans were unaware of and that she herself has learned over time by living with the exidol by Pentagon. Both have shown their mutual support, but have also had ups and downs.

HyunA has shared several episodes of her relationship with E’Dawn through her YouTube channel, where she publishes some blogs about her daily life, she even confessed that when she has a date with her, she does not usually wear makeup. She also explained that some of the ideas for her videos have been given to her by her boyfriend, one of the most viewed was when she changed her look under the concept of “HyunA’s Salon”.

He also admitted that he has copied some of his habits, such as not watching television frequently, although he asked her for ideas to attend variety shows and on the list was Radio Star. Regarding the time they share as a couple, HyunA explained that they live in the same building, only a floor apart, but still she wants to see it daily. Awwwwww!

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However, not everything is rosy in their relationship, although they have both been free and very loving on their social networks, HyunA admitted that there was a moment that made her cry a lot and she was disappointed in E’Dawn. Que???? Like her, her boyfriend has faced some health problems and has been under treatment, but she did not know.

HyunA revealed that her partner suffers from narcolepsy, a disorder that makes you excessively sleepy. The idol had a serious conversation with her, but believed that he was ignoring her when he received no response and, although he seemed asleep, I consider it disingenuous with her, he had to apologize once he found out about his illness.

Both have supported each other, as they have suffered health problems, in addition, they have learned a lot about their relationship despite their conflicts. HyunA confessed that she will never tire of her, she also agreed to be a jealous girl, but E’Dawn likes her more and more.

Hyuna and E’Dawn have also sparked engagement rumors, as in one of the photos she shares on social media and in a video on her YouTube channel she appeared with a ring that sparked fan theories.


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