Hyuna remembers her childhood through these photos


Hyuna remembers her childhood through these photos

The singer shared a part of her life with her fans.

Quarantine has given celebs time to compose, pursue their hobbies, do concerts from home, and immerse themselves in the memories of their lives.

Hyuna , who often shares special moments through her Instagram account, decided to post some adorable photos from her childhood.

Due to the low activity of K-pop by the coronavirus, the idol has dedicated herself to recording her blog and remembering when she was a girl. Hyuna posted a couple of photos from when she was a child and looked really adorable. The photos were filled with several love comments for her cute appearance, because they fell in love with her smile.

K-pop fans always appreciate when their artists share this type of content, as some have changed over the years or have the same cute look of now.


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