HyunA delayed comeback due to health issues


HyunA is postponing her comeback and will be pausing all activities due to health issues. The P-Nation idol was preparing for a new release at the end of August, but she went through a medical situation that prevented her from returning to return to her comeback, HyunA has always been very sincere with her fans regarding her condition, as well as going through emotional problems has an abnormality that affects your health.


Through a statement, P-Nation informed fans that HyunA is canceling all activity until further notice. E’Dwan’s girlfriend was preparing to release her new single “Good Girl” on August 26, but during preparations she apparently suffered a faint due to a vasovagal attack.

This condition causes the heart rate to slow down and can be caused by prolonged exposure to heat, stress, or physical exertion. HyunA’s agency did not elaborate on her incident, but assured that her recovery is paramount and she will be on hiatus.


P-Nation also explained that the idol has made an effort and has used force of her will to be able to move forward, she herself has been sincere with her fans and has confessed to going through problems of depression and instability, in addition to suffering from vasogal syncope, receiving treatment necessary to be in the best conditions.


PSY’s company confirmed that HyunA will be on hiatus to regain her health and find a moment of peace to move forward, as the idol has worked hard for “Good Girl,” which would be her first release before releasing her first full album. .

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In social networks, some fans have expressed their concern towards the singer and have shared messages of support to wish her a speedy recovery.


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