Hyun Jin From Stray Kids Appeals To Fans For Help To Find His Band As The Rapper Got Lost At ISAC 2022


Well, it seems true to his name, Hyunjin really likes to “deviate” from his group. Although this pun may have failed, but we are definitely sure that the latest frauds of Stray Kids will definitely melt your heart. And yes, we’re talking about how Hyunjin got lost on earth.

For those of you who may not know, several K-pop groups have recently participated in the Idol Star Athletic Championship, also known as ISAC. For those of you who live under a rock, ISAC means a sports competition between idols from different groups, while fans enjoy the stands.

As in previous years, Stray Kids also took part in the event, despite the fact that they were crammed with a schedule and several events. And in the midst of waving at Stays and showering them with love, Stray Kids rapper Hyunjin seems to have lost the other members.

Looking back and forth, Hyunjin first tried to find his group, but all in vain. He then decided to go to the walls to get a better look at the ground before finally gesturing to the fans to help him. When that also failed, he just decided to give up and get on the rails, like other idols.

Don’t worry, wait, Hyunjin finally managed to find the rest of the Stray Kids, even pointing them to the place where he was sitting. So the guys reunited again. No matter how dramatic it sounds! But when it comes to Hyunjin, the rapper will definitely make you swoon from his charming antics.

Now that ISAC has finished filming, the boys are back to work again, busy with their other schedule. Stray Kids have just completed the American leg of their Maniac tour and have even added more dates to connect as many guests as possible.


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