Hyun Bin gives an emotional speech about Crash Landing On You


The Korean actor wowed audiences and gained new recognition for his role in the K-Drama Crash Landing On You. Hyun Bin shone as Captain Ri Jung Hyuk, which is why he was recognized during the most recent broadcast of the APAN Star Awards. His words of thanks reached the hearts of the audience.

The series Crash Landing On You was produced by tvN and reached international audiences through Netflix. Although its beginning was at the end of 2019, almost its entire story was released in the months of 2020, so it was able to join the contest for the APAN awards .

Hyun Bin brought the lead to life and earned the Daesang of the night. The actor wore a black suit and took the stage to thank this incredible recognition, remembering the success of the K-Drama Crash Landing On You and the teamwork that took place during production.

The South Korean actor pointed out that this was a good way to start 2021, but also, his speech showed his professionalism and good personality.


The protagonist of Crash Landing On You said that this year he had to show a better version of himself, so he will continue to strive in his work. He acknowledged that since the premiere of the K-Drama he has received a lot of support and affection, for which he thanked all the fans and viewers who enjoyed the series.

Last but not least, Hyun Bin thanked Son Ye Jin for playing her role as Se Ri in the drama so well.

I think it was Ye Jin who played Yoon Se Ri so well that it made Ri Jung Hyuk look so much cooler

If you want to remember the best moments of this K-Drama , we recently told you what were some scenes from Crash Landing On You that became unforgettable.


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