Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm, impressions


We tested the final version of the new Hyrule Warriors, which aims to look back at one of the key moments that precede Breath of the Wild.

A musou will always be a musou, said Adrián Suárez, a fellow press officer not long ago. And he is right in something as simple as that the genre that we have resembled for years to titles like Dynasty Warriors has very clear bases that are not for everyone. But this is as true as there have been musous in recent times who have known how to adapt to all kinds of situations and licenses. Hyrule Warriors himself inherited proposals from The Legend of Zelda and, based on characters and enemies from different installments, interested not only fans of the genre. Or the Dragon Quest, surely the best examples of how to play here and there to offer something that is still a musou, but also something more.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Cataclysm is not The Legend of Zelda: Age of Cataclysm. And this, which seems obvious, is also a warning to sailors. There is no doubt about the attractiveness of the game that Nintendo and Omega Force are up to: showing the events of a hundred years ago regarding Breath of the Wild is a huge door to knowing what the memories of the 2017 title told us about , than once was in Hyrule, but never lived. The appeal is there, though not with the officialdom or canon that some may expect. Because this is Hyrule Warriors, not The Legend of Zelda.

We are not going to spoil the story because of the limitations we have to talk about it, but we will focus on what has already been seen in chapter 1, available via free demo: the little guardian. The game chronicles the events just before Ganon wipes out everything in Hyrule. The little guardian, a gadget hidden in Zelda’s room, generates a time portal and ends up moving a while back. On the one hand, this allows us to rewind and see from the beginnings of Link standing out as a Knight of the Guard to our role recruiting those who will be the Chosen to accompany Zelda in this battle. On the other hand, yes, in a different timeline, a concept that we have already seen in Ocarina of Time, without going any further, so it is not exactly the 1: 1 facts of Breath of the Wild but the moment and the place where they occurred. For the analysis we will delve into whether this works or not, but for now, being able to see certain relationships and key moments is appreciated for any fan of the saga.

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The new installment of Hyrule Warriors is very respectful of aesthetics and the place in which it is located. We see this in the chosen graphic and artistic style, which follows step by step everything we saw in Breath of the Wild, unlike the first Hyrule Warriors that featured its own character designs and locations. Not here: we fought around the Zora kingdom, climbed Death Mountain, and flew over the Orni air currents. The enemies are also recreated in the same way: the bokoblin, invocantis, moblins, octorok, the Yiga clan or the guardians are present. And many others to unveil. Breathe the Breath of the Wild universe on all four sides. Also in characters.


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