Hypnotizing Porsche 411 Concept With Its Design


Porsche 411 concept created by two designers; It offers an alternative look at the autonomous electric cars of the future. The most striking of the 411 is that it has a new interior that gives importance to comfort, not driving.

When it comes to cars of the future, the majority; It dreams of autonomous driving, electric cars that offer drivers more comfort and technology. So have you ever thought about what a real futuristic car would look like?

Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu created the Porsche 411 concept by blending the iconic design of the 911, one of the most popular cars of the German sports car manufacturer Porsche, with futuristic design elements.

Porsche 411 concept design

The Porsche 411 concept, with a unibody body without an engine hood or tailgate, still does not look like a car from our world, although it continues the oval design lines of the original 911.

Since the Porsche 411 is a concept car, there is not much technique about it. However, according to the designers’ statement, the vehicle will have an electric motor powerful enough to reach a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

When we look inside the vehicle, we encounter a futuristic design at least as much as the exterior. The seats of the vehicle, which has only two seats, are designed wide and horizontally to keep the driver in an upright position comfortable rather than concentrating on the road. Although the vehicle has a steering wheel, autonomous driving support allows the driver to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The most interesting detail about the Porsche 411 concept is that there is no display other than the LED instrument cluster inside the vehicle. Of course, the 411 is not a car that we can buy and use in real life, but it would not be wrong to expect a more technological interior from such a futuristic vehicle. We do not know for now if we will ever see such a concept car from Porsche.

Porsche 411 images


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