HyperX: Film Will Have Sponsorship and Appearances of Branded Products


HyperX: Free Guy promises to be a fun action comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool of the big screen! While its debut doesn’t arrive, HyperX has already confirmed that it will be one of the sponsors of the film and that it will also have some brief appearances on screen.

If you like the brand’s accessories, it’s worth keeping an eye out to try to find the hidden objects in certain scenes, as some of your scenes will be more discreet than others.

In Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds will play Guy, a bank teller who suddenly discovers that his whole life is a hoax, as he is just an NPC in yet another sandbox game. According to Wendy Lecot, head of strategic alliances at HyperX, the film is “a great combination of real-life journeys and gamer culture, and includes appearances by content creators like streamer Pokimane.”

In addition to Pokimane, the brand’s global ambassador, other internet celebrities will also appear in the film, such as streamers Ninja, Lazarbeam and Jacksepticeye. Check out the fun trailer for the film:

The debut of Free Guy is scheduled for August 19 in Brazilian cinemas. Are you looking forward to watching it? What do you think of HyperX products? Let us know in the comments below!


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