HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: Huge Battery, Great Sound


It is claimed that HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless provides 300 hours of battery life along with high-quality sound, but does it meet the stated requirements?

HyperX’s popularity has grown tenfold over the past few years, mainly thanks to high-quality products such as the Pulsefire Haste Wireless mouse and collaborations with some of the largest content creators on the internet.

The company has taken its iconic Cloud Alpha headset design, made it wireless, and claims to provide 300 hours of battery life along with high-quality sound for just $199.99.

We have been testing HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless for the past few weeks, but does it meet the stated specifications or does it not meet expectations?

Main Features

Connectivity: Wireless connection via USB 2.0 dongle, 3.5mm removable wire
Driver diameter: 50mm
Frequency response: 15 Hz – 21 kHz
Weight: 317g
Compatibility: PC
Features: Removable microphone, mute, volume controls, 300 hours of battery life.
Price: $199
Where to buy: HyperX
Package Contents: Wireless gaming headset, Wireless USB adapter, USB charging cable, Removable microphone, Pop filter, Quick guide.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Buttons

Although fingerprints remain heavily on the headphones, the buttons are located very well.


HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is one of the most unique headsets currently on the market.

They chose a more “loud” branding than other products, with bright red HyperX logos on both cups of headphones that immediately catch your eye as soon as you take them out of the box.

The ultra—comfortable ear pads are attached to the padded headband – it is a piece of treated metal on both sides, giving Cloud Alpha Wireless a unique design.

The headset is equipped with an easy-to-remove microphone, although we prefer the hidden retractable microphones from SteelSeries. However, we appreciate its flexibility as you can adjust the microphone location exactly as you need.

You can’t put the headphones flat because of the headset design, but it’s a feature that’s likely to take away from the seemingly almost indestructible design of Cloud Alpha Wireless, so it’s hard to get mad at it.

Next to the power button and USB-C charging port on the left earphone is a conveniently located mute button, and on the right earphone you will find volume controls.

The biggest problem we found in the design of HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is that the metal parts connecting the headphones to the headband are quite wide, which makes it difficult to put on the headset even with the hands of this larger reviewer.

On top of that, the matte black design on the outside of the headphone cups strongly attracts fingerprints – which is an odd design choice considering that’s where all the buttons are located.

Battery life is a real kicker

One of the most important marketing aspects of HyperX Cloud Alpha wireless connectivity is the 300-hour battery life. At first we were skeptical, but quickly realized that they were not joking.

The headset arrived right out of the box with 50% battery life, and after a few days of almost constant use, we haven’t had to charge them yet.

In fact, they lost only 10% of their battery life. At this rate, we’re going to give them their first full charge sometime in 2023.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Communication

The claimed battery life of HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is 300 hours, and we believe it.

Sound quality

Being a wireless gaming headset, we were absolutely impressed with the sound quality of the 50mm Cloud Alpha Wireless drivers.

We quickly put on the headset and fell in love with the wide sound range, using songs like Nic D and Loveless’s recent collaboration song “Supernova” to test the quality of its treble and bass.

With HyperX NGENUITY software installed, you can customize them to your liking with the included DTS X Spatial sound and full equalizer control.

The removable microphone copes well with its task, although it does not stand out from the rest. It’s perfect for quick Discord calls and Warzone 2 contactless chat, but we wouldn’t use it for your next YouTube video.

There is no active noise reduction or transparency mode in the headset, but this is quite common in products in the $200 price range.

We’re definitely not disappointed with the quality, so HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless should definitely be on the list if you’re looking for something in this price range.


HyperX NGENUITY software is the best of all when it comes to peripheral software, providing only the necessary number of functions without taking up a lot of system resources.

HyperX NGENUITY Software Menu


In the Cloud Alpha Wireless menu, you will find many easy-to-understand options.

In the left column you will find the ability to switch microphone monitoring, as well as volume controls for both channels.headphones and microphone.

In the center column there is a DTS X Spatial Audio switch, as well as a quick link to the Windows sound device menu, which allows you to make the headset the default sound source.

In the right column are the equalizer parameters, which include six presets (and the ability to edit them) and the ability to create your own from scratch.

The top part of the NGENUITY software gives you quick access to various profiles, battery life, and also allows you to switch notification signals.

Is it worth buying?

If you’re looking for a wireless headset in the $200 range, you should definitely consider HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless.

It’s comfortable, stylish, and they’ve completely knocked it out of the park with their battery life.


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