HyperX: Branded Peripherals To Enhance Gamer Experience


HyperX: It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual or high-performance player; having a comfortable gamer setup with precision accessories is mandatory for those looking for greater customization and gear specifically for gaming. And with so many brands and product options available on the market, it’s often difficult to define which item to buy and how you can set up a scene that suits your style.

Fortunately, the segment has the presence of leading companies and lines, bringing high performance products to players and offering durable proposals that promise never to let the user down. One of the brands dedicated to the gaming scene, whether in consoles or PC, is HyperX, leader in the gamer segment and focuses on high-tech products with all the resistance that consumers want.

About HyperX

Founded in 2002, HyperX started its trajectory focused on producing high-performance RAM memories, including DDR1 models up to advanced 128 GB DDR4 chips. Over the years, the brand started to include lines of pendrives, mouse pads, HDs and headsets in its portfolio, using high technology components to distribute demanding and increasingly reliable products.

With the rise of e-Sports, the brand has partnered with numerous companies, teams and athletes, in addition to becoming the biggest sponsor of Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack. Today, the company has numerous licensed and award-winning products for PC and consoles, being a reference in the international digital gaming scene and being at the top when it comes to performance standards.


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