Hypercharge: Unboxed — how to unlock an insectoid (figurine)


Players can customize their character with various skins, such as Insectoid in the wave-based shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed. Indie game of 2020. This first- and third-person shooter takes place in a variety of home and work environments, with players taking on the role of a figurine tasked with saving Hypercore from waves of enemy soldiers and robots. As in other wave-based shooters, players must defeat all the waves to complete the levels and get different ratings.

In Hypercharge: Unboxed there are several levels where players are small soldiers overcoming huge obstacles. One level, Fort Jeep, takes place in a garage where players can jump from one object to another, trying to find all the enemy soldiers and destroy them before they get to the Hyperkernel. On another map, Action Attic, players jump from wooden beams in the ceiling to boxes on the floor and racks. Hypercharge: Unboxed with toy soldiers, bright colors and a waxy appearance resembles the video game version of the 1998 movie “Little Soldiers”.

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Insectoid is one of the unlockable skins in Hypercharge: Unboxed. After collecting, players can change the skins of their characters in the main menu. In the “Settings” section there are options for changing the style of the figure’s body, head, weapon skins, turret skins and much more. Some character skins are available from the very beginning of the game, others are available in DLC content, and others are available when getting ranks on different maps in the game.

How to unlock insect skin in Hypercharge: Unboxed

Insectoids in Hypercharge: various insects are presented without a box, for example, similar to a mantis. Depending on the head and style that players choose, the Insectoid character should look different. An Insectoid is an unlockable character that can be obtained by obtaining a gold rank at the Action Attic level. It may be easier for players to play in Hypercharge cooperative mode, rather than alone, as waves of enemies become stronger and more numerous each time. However, after players launch Action Attic, they will have two minutes to prepare before the arrival of the first wave of enemies, and between waves they will have more time to prepare.

To get a gold rank at the Action Attic level in Hypercharge: Unboxed, players need to complete the map with all intact cores and any% of health. As a result, hyperkernels are the target of enemy waves, and enemies will always slowly approach them while players defend. Batteries are used in the game to create a shield around hyperkernels, but explosive enemies can quickly destroy shields or disable batteries, so be on your guard against such enemies. As soon as players get a gold or high rank at the Action Attic level, they will open the Insectoid skin, which they can use to customize their character in the main menu.