Hypercharge: Unboxed — a guide to the plague mode (tips, tricks and strategies)

Plague Mode is one of the many game modes available to players in Hypercharge: Unboxed, and knowing how this game mode works is important to ensure victory. Hypercharge: Unboxed is a first—person shooter with Tower Defense mechanics, in which players control action figures to fight in different stages, from the children’s bedroom to the aisles in the toy store.
Plague Mode is a PvP inspired by the viral modes in other popular first—person shooters. When the round begins, one player will be randomly selected to infect, and he will be tasked with chasing and infecting other players. After being caught and infected, this player will also work to help track down the remaining players.
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In Plague mode, players will have to use their wits as well as the environment to avoid infected players. In turn, infected players will have to stay alert if they want to catch uninfected players before time runs out. This game mode in Hypercharge: Unboxed is best played with friends, and players can play it both online and in a local cooperative. Here are some tips, tricks and strategies for the plague mode in Hypercharge: Unboxed.
How to Play Hypercharge: Unboxed Plague Mode
Uninfected players will get a point if they reach the end of the round without getting infected. Thus, Plague Mode is a survival game. First, Hypercharge: Unboxed players will want to pay attention to their surroundings and any interactive objects they can use. For example, items such as basketballs can be rolled as a portable shelter, and fish ponds can be entered to hide under water or sneak up on opponents. It is also important to find good shelters, especially since it is not always possible to fight back.
Ammunition management is also very important in plague mode. With limited ammo, players will want to shoot the infected to escape, or when they have an accurate shot, which means that the main way to escape will be to hide and sneak. For additional disguise, players can choose the Hypercharge: Unboxed Action Figure skin that best suits the selected map. For example, climbing a hill is a great idea for a good overview of the map and jumping on the enemy. Hiding behind objects and using the height of the terrain is the best way to sneak up on infected players and destroy them, and infected players can sneak up on uninfected players and easily infect them.
Regardless of whether the player is infected or a survivor, the strategies to succeed in Hypercharge: Unboxed Plague Mode are generally the same. As long as players keep an eye on their ammo, evaluate their surroundings, and find creative ways to use objects and shelters in their environment, they shouldn’t have any problems outsmarting their opponents in Hypercharge: Unboxed.