Hyper Scape is launched and has GeForce Now benefits


Hyper Scape is coming out of its beta phase and gaining official release today (11), and anyone who plays it via Nvidia GeForce Now – in the countries where the service is available – will be able to take advantage of good offers and bonuses.

Although the game is free even on Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform, there is a premium access plan that gives additional benefits. And whoever uses the platform to play Ubisoft’s unprecedented will be able to enjoy a 6-month combo of GeForce Now paid for $ 24.95.

Thus, each month of the service will cost less than US% 5, and whoever takes advantage of the promotion will have access to the so-called Founders edition of the game. With it, the user wins the first battle season of Hyper Scape, in addition to additional benefits such as the rare skin Adi Volta and the Citric Dragonfly weapon.

In total, in-game benefits reach $ 70. The best thing about this offer is that even those who already have a GeForce Now premium plan can take advantage of the combo, which adds six months of service to the user’s account, and gives the same benefits. perks in Hyper Scape.

Remember, GeForce Now has gained important improvements in recent months, such as compatibility with games from the Epic Store and more recently synchronization with the Steam library.

The improvements come at a time when Google Stadia starts moving forward to deliver the features that made our eyes shine when the service was made official, and just before Microsoft brought xCloud to market, which will happen in September.

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In addition to GeForce Now, Hyper Scape is compatible with PCs (via installation), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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