Hyper Scape has not met Ubisoft’s expectations


The development team identifies five fundamental game problems that five different teams will focus on going forward.

Since last August we have a new contender for the already populated genre of battle royale such as Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s proposal that will also be present in the new generation, which does not seem to have had the repercussion that the gala company I expected, . With a faster pace than other offerings in the genre and a futuristic setting, it promised to differentiate itself from its many competitors, but neither the number of players nor the numbers of viewers on Twitch reach a remarkable minimum.

Despite being “excited” with the launch, which had no performance issues after a solid beta, they acknowledge that they were not able to “meet the high expectations that we set ourselves with the release of the final version on consoles. in August”. That said, they say that after a little less than two months available, they are “taking action”, in addition to feeling “completely committed to the challenge.”

The Five Hyper Scape Problems

According to its creators, there are five pillars on which Hyper Scape still has a lot of room for improvement: comfort in combat, accessibility to new players, game modes, player objectives and cross-play. They recognize in turn that the required skill is too high, something that “makes the experience difficult for new players”, in the same way that it is difficult “to consistently target and damage rivals, especially on consoles.” This is also attributed to the lack of introductory tools to the game.

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