Hyeri’s Relationship Status From Girl’s Day in 2023: Is She Still Dating “Reply 1988” Co-Actor Ryu Jun-yeol?


Amid the news of separation and divorce in the entertainment industry last year, only a few star couples stayed together. Are Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol among them?

From 2015 to 2021: The chronology of the relationship between Heri from Girl’s Day and Ryu Jun.
In 2015, Ryu Jun-yeol and Heri met for the first time as colleagues in the tvN drama “Answer 1988”. The actor played the role of Jun Hwan, and the idol played the role of Dok Song, childhood friends and a member of the Ssangmundong squad.

[SPOILERS ahead!!]

During the show, which aired from 2015 to 2016, Jun Yeol and Hyeri were very much loved for the natural chemistry of their characters, and many were rooting for them to be together in the drama.

However, Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol) really defined the second protagonist syndrome on a whole new level after Dok Song (Hyeri) eventually started dating and marrying the role of Park Bo-gom, Taek.

Despite the rather satisfying ending, their heroes still complained about the heartbreaking ending for childhood friends.

Among the fans’ moods after the 2016 show, it was also noticeable how Ryu Jun Yeol was still posting past photos with the Ssangmundong team, especially with Heri. The two actors also often mentioned each other in every appearance on the show, and their chemistry always caused butterflies in the audience’s stomach!

The alleged fan service turned out to be that the actor and the idol actress were actually hinting at a HUGE plot twist!

In August 2017, the entire entertainment industry and hopeless fans were finally able to rejoice after Ryu Jun Yeol and Heri recognized their relationship, whose friendship turned into love. Finally a real couple!

Although there are suggestions that people will see the couple in public more often, in fact they prefer to keep their relationship a secret.

Since then, the couple rarely talked about each other, but when they did, both talked about how they respected each other’s passion for their work. Their relationship remained low-key in the media, but was not a secret, as fans sometimes saw them in public, enjoying time alone.

The 6-year-old couple did not change their love even in 2022. In September, Hyeri visited and personally sent a support truck for her boyfriend on his birthday, adding the banners “Happy birthday, my beloved Ryu Jun Yel” and “Jun.” Fan of “No. 1”.

The renewal of the relationship between Heri and Ryu Jun Yeol in 2023: will fans finally hear the wedding bells?

As of 2023, Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol were still dating each other.

Although they were rarely seen together in photos, Lee Dong Hwi gave Hyeri and Jun Yeol crumbs to fans when he uploaded a photo of the Ssangmundong team reunion on January 20.

It looks like the squad was still as close as before, and the couple still sees each other well!

Since Hyeri and Jun Yeol have been dating for a long time, fans were very excited to see them marry each other. As for marriage, Ryu Jun Yeol briefly talked about it in 2019, saying:

“At the moment I have no plans for marriage.”

Do you think four years later his answer would have been different? We’re all waiting!


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