Hydrogen Powered Hyundai Nexo Sets World Distance Record with Single Warehouse


Hydrogen Powered Hyundai Nexo Sets World Distance Record with Single Warehouse

Hyundai continues to work on a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle tested Hyundai Nexo broke the world record. Hyundai Nexo is now the world’s only fuel tank with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that covers the longest distance.

The world’s leading automotive manufacturers continue to focus on electric vehicles. Therefore, the number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing every passing day. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also trying to take place in the market as different versions of the electric vehicle market. Hyundai Nexo, one of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, seems to be one of the prominent hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai Nexo, has made a name with a world record. Hyundai Nexo was the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle offering the longest range of fuel with a tank. Hyundai Nexo, 778 km with a single tank of hydrogen traveled.

The world record of 778 km was broken in France. Hyundai Nexo departed from the FaHyence hydrogen station in Sarreguemines on Monday (November 25th). The next day, the French National Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget was reached. This distance fueled by Hyundai Nexo’s only tank is an important record for its competitors.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology is still not widespread to the desired extent. The major obstacle to widespread use of vehicles is the infrastructure of refueling stations. Hyundai, Nexo’s manufacturer, is trying to provide solutions on the fuel supply infrastructure of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Nowadays when climate change is now one of the most important issues for the world, zero-emission vehicles are also important for climate protection. However, the lack or insufficient infrastructure of fuel stations prevents the use of these vehicles.

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