Hybrid Inconsistencies Prove Major Errors In The Series


Klaus Mikaelson is an impressive mix of original vampire and werewolf, although hybrids were a major focus of The Vampire Diaries for quite some time, many unanswered questions remain about these beings.

Why is Hope’s blood special?

Hope’s tribrid blood is super special, but a lot of the magical things she can do are a bit unnerving. It is not entirely incomprehensible that her blood produces hybrids given that her father is the original hybrid in The Vampire Diaries.

However, Hope is still a living person and not a vampire, so how come she has some vampire blood without actually being dead yet in The Vampire Diaries?

Why did Klaus give up?

Klaus was apparently completely consumed with the idea of ​​breaking his hybrid curse and unleashing his werewolf side and he also dreamed of creating a hybrid army of his own for centuries in The Vampire Diaries.

However, in The Vampire Diaries, once he realized that they could break his parents’ ties if they wished and once it became a bit more difficult to do so, he completely abandoned the idea or the search for solutions to those. problems.

Why can’t Klaus break the curse?

Klaus never considered was that all curses can theoretically be broken in The Vampire Diaries, and if he could break his hybrid curse, why couldn’t he break this one too?