HYBE Bans ARMY From Live Broadcasts And Fandom Responds With MEMES


The agency representing BTS issued a statement where it launched a threat to ARMY for the illegal broadcasts, prompting ridicule from the fandom.

The first two concerts of BTS in Los Angeles have been a success, and although many ARMY were not able to attend the presentations of ‘Permission to Dance On Stage‘, they were able to enjoy it thanks to the videos and photos shared by the attendees of the event. Days after the shows, HYBE issued a threat to the fandom over the live broadcasts , but it was the South Korean training agency that got a huge surprise.

If you could not go to the reunion of Bangtan Sonyeondan with his followers in the United States, nothing happens because this December 2, the last concert of the band will be broadcast on Weverse at the SoFi stadium in the Californian city.

Why did HYBE threaten ARMY over the live broadcasts?

In the late hours of November 30, Big Hit Music, also known as HYBE , shared a warning for ARMY on their social media and Weverse . The statement begins by stating that there have been frequent “violations of the artist’s portrait and copyright during the concerts of BTSPermission to Dance On Stage‘ – Los Angeles concert.”

Faced with this situation, the entertainment agency pointed out that from now on “any action that violates the copyright of the artists and BIGHIT”, be it taking photos, recording, video and audio, as well as broadcasting live , during a presentation will be strictly prohibited.

Likewise, the company pointed out the only exception will be mobile phones, however, no device that is capable of recording images, video or audio can enter the concert hall. If it is discovered that a person does not heed your signals then they will be asked to leave the place and they will also tell them to delete any recorded images, video or audio.

In conclusion, HYBE thanked ARMY for their cooperation, saying that they will continue to strive “to ensure the protection of the image and copyright of our artists. Thanks”.

After the statement was released, ARMY used their social media to make a couple of sarcastic and humorous comments towards the HYBE threat . Some members of the fandom shared a video where they referred to what they had understood from the agency’s words.

In the clip you can see a fan doing a live broadcast when suddenly the image is covered by a policeman who asks him to stop recording. Other fans sent a message to HYBE letting them know that they did not have the financial resources, but still supported BTS by voting for them, as well as buying their records.