Hwasa talks about self-love in Nobody Else, preview of her comeback


The singer gave an important message about self-love in the first preview of “Maria”. After winning over her fans with her debut single “Twit”, Hwasa surprised MOOMOO with the announcement of her first solo mini album.

The idol has been characterized by her great talent for dancing and her incredible voice, in addition to her extravagant and sensual style, but to reflect that power she had to fight to obtain self-confidence, something that reflects in the advancement of her comeback . We tell you the details.

Through YouTube and her social networks, Hwasa revealed the Intro video of “Nobody else” , a glimpse of what “Maria” will be, the first mini album of her solo career. The singer gave an emotional message about self-love.

The clip shows images of her career and time on stage, while the lyrics narrate that no one else can do it for you, that sometimes she believes that no one will love her, but that there is no one else who should do it, because the important thing is the self love

MOOMOO was touched by this pre-launch, as it shows the confidence and security that Hwasa has forged. In addition, there is a theory about the album’s title, since “María” is her baptism name and they consider that the songs will reflect her true self.

Hwasa also showed the tattoo of her name in the scenes of the MV. The concept of her album could have a summery, vintage aesthetic and a very feminine touch, demonstrating the potential of her voice to convey her emotions. “Maria” will be released on June 29.

The singer is distinguished by a sensual and elegant look, something that gives her a lot of self-confidence, if you want to recreate her style we leave you a list of 5 outfits that you can be inspired to look like the idol.


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