Hwasa shares a preview of LMM, her next MV


The idol prepares for Maria’s second release. Hwasa is preparing to release LMM, her new MV and second single from “María”.

The MAMAMOO member continues to promote her first solo album, after revealing “Maria” as the main track, the idol has prepared a second release, the lyrics of which are deep and show great emotional strength, we tell you the details.

Through her social networks,Hwasa shared the preview of “LMM”, in the scenes, you can see the singer in a house that is located on an island. The idol enters with a bow in hand, while several arrows are launched against her, in the end, she takes one and points to the sky, crashing into the screen.

Theteaseralso features a phrase “Flowers even bloom in the rain.” Hwasaalso wears a white dress while remaining barefoot, giving the video a much more elegant and fragile vibe.

“LMM” will be released on July 16 , this single belongs to the B side of the album. Fans are excited for its release, as it has become one of their favorite songs, as the lyrics convey various emotions with which they identify.

From what Hwasa sings , “LMM” seems to portray when someone loses the course of their life or that special person, wanting to get more, achieve something that they do not even know what it is, resulting in losing themselves, becoming bitter and distancing themselves.

The first theories for this MV, is that Hwasa could be defending herself from something or maybe even from herself, because many times our own thoughts cause us insecurity and limit us to get ahead.

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Other fans believe that the scenes reminded them of the Hunger Games, due to the use of bow and arrows.

Hwasa has become an example of self-love for some fans, if you want to be inspired by her image or copy some of her looks, we leave you a list of 5 outfits that you can recreate. Mamamoo recently performed at the World is One charity concert.


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