Hwasa prepares a new collaboration with ONEWE


Hwasa prepares a new collaboration with ONEWE. The singer has been very active working with other artists.

Ahn Hye Jin has been having a very good streak, because after promoting her collaboration with Dua Lipa with ‘Physical’, the Mamamoo member has once again surprised her fans with this collaboration .

Recently it was reported through the accounts of the group and Mamamoo that Hwasa is preparing a special presentation on the album of the boy group ONEWE , they are company brothers , Rainbow Bridge World.


The group formed by, Kang Hyun, Cya, Harin, Dong Myeong and Yong Hoon, who have a very interesting rock proposal , where they play their own instruments , compose and arrange their songs .

ONEWE will be launching their new musical production, in the concept of photos number 3 Hwasa was presented as a collaborative part of the most recent project of the boys, they also revealed a clip where it is seen how the members of ONEWE live together, showing some images of how they recorded the song .

Hwasa confessed that the one who brought them together was the CEO of the company and that she is very happy with the proposal, which she had always wanted to support the group.

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