Hwang In Yeop shares the secret to being happy and raising your spirits


The True Beauty actor shares with his fans what his favorite music is and how it helps him in his daily life. True Beauty’s Hwang In Yeop reveals his secret to keeping his moods high and shares his favorite K-pop song.

The star who gives life to “Seojun” in the adaptation of “True Beauty” found his great opportunity on Korean TV thanks to this new drama , as he has become one of the most popular of 2021 and his badboy character is has stolen the hearts of fans.

Through a radio interview, Hwang In Yeop shared with his fans the secret to being happy and raising your spirits, the idol revealed to be a K-pop fan and admitted that his favorite song is BTS’s “Dynamite”.

He Drama actor started his career recently, one of his first big roles was with “18 Again” , a remake of the American film, but “True Beauty” boosted his career in a big way and dreams of being a recognized celebrity in each cast .


During the interview, Hwang In Yeop was asked about the life soundtrack that helps him raise his mood and chose “Dynamite”, a song made especially for ARMY in order to face the difficult moments of the pandemic and that has been one of the group’s biggest hits.


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The actor explained that he always listens to his while he takes a shower, even before starting his drama recordings , keeps him happy and hopes that all his fans and ARMY can feel good about the music, since he considers that Bangtan’s explosion restores his confidence .

Although neither of the two Korean figures are related to each other, both have strived to reach the highest peak of their careers to show all their talents, Hwang In Yeop managed to take the role of Seojun , he even got his motorcycle license to win. the audition. Some ARMYs shared messages of support for him and thanked the boys for the gesture.

The drama star has given a new meaning to K-pop, because with “Dynamite” he manages to face the daily routine of his career, since sometimes they have long filming days.


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