Hwang In Yeop shares his adorable past with these photos


The protagonist of ‘True Beauty’ showed that from a very young age he had a special spark, how did he look as a baby?

Popular South Korean actor Hwang In Yeop shared beautiful memories of his childhood with fans. This is what the ‘True Beauty’ celebrity looked like when he was a cute baby.

Hwang In Yeop won the hearts of international viewers with his role as a cold bad boy in the Korean drama ‘ True Beauty ‘, after his successful participation in the production he gained a solid fan base.

The actor confessed that the audience’s loving reaction was not expected, he was amazed that viewers enjoyed his work so much in the production where he shared credits with Moon Ga Young and Cha Eun Woo .

But before he was a superstar in South Korean dramas , Hwang In Yeop in his childhood was an adorable baby with a lot of style and a mischievous smile. We tell you all the details below.


Hwang In Yeop’s influence and popularity was reflected in the number of followers he has on his social media accounts, where he takes advantage of every moment to share photos and videos.

On March 4, through his personal Instagram account, the model posted a set of photos of his childhood , little Hwang In Yeop appeared smiling with a two-color sweater and a warm jumper.


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 The third photo showed the actor with a unique style, he wore yellow glasses and a matching beanie. The images confirmed that since he was little he had a talent for being a model and making the camera lens fall in love.

In less than 7 hours, Hwang In Yeop’s sweet publication accumulated more than 2 million likes, netizens left their first impressions of the star’s photographs in the comment area .

If you want to know more about the past of the handsome South Korean actor and see his evolution, we invite you to visit: 6 Photos of Hwang In Yeop that perfectly show his before and after.


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