Hustle & Anthony Edwards Compared Trash Talking BEN to The Nasty Things He Says in the Adam Sandler Movie


Adam Sandler may be the star of the new Netflix Hustle movie, which centers around Juancho Erangomes’ Utah jazz center, but fans who watch the basketball drama on the streaming service (and there seem to be a lot of you) are leaving. singing the praises of 20-year-old hoop phenomenon Anthony Edwards. Currently, Minnesota Timberwolves offensive guard Edwards plays a significant role in the Hustle as an ultra-talented rookie standing in Hernangomes’ way when a player is hustling (understand?) to get into the NBA draft. And he’s great! Even though he has to play a real jerk.

Anthony Edwards’ character in Hustle, Kermit Wilts, is the generally accepted number one choice in the film’s draft, and he becomes a natural opponent of Bo (Juancho Hernangomes), Adam Sandler’s client in the film. So Kermit talks a lot of nonsense to Bo when they play with each other. So during a series of interviews for Hustle, I asked Edwards if trash talk in the real NBA is as bad as it is portrayed in the movie, and he said CinemaBlend:

I don’t think it goes that deep, no. I don’t think they show disrespect in games. But I’m being disrespectful in the movie, so yeah, it’s crazy. …A lot of what I’m saying goes beyond the scope.

There’s a special conversation that Kermit Wilts uses to hurt Bo when they’re competing, and it’s about Bo’s wife and daughter, which you’d think would be banned. But Kermit knows no bounds when trying to intimidate an opponent. Anthony Edwards, however, says that he never signed up for all of this, although now he sees it all the time in children. He went on to say CinemaBlend:

The kids I see now, today, it’s like fifth or fourth grade, they’re talking nonsense. They say we didn’t talk about thrash at that time, but they are already talking about thrash, because the game has developed year after year, year after year. So, I mean, it’s getting really bad.

Anthony Edwards would know. He played SEC Basketball for the University of Georgia and probably faced opposition at all levels before heading to the NBA as the first overall pick in the draft and being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves. It’s nice to hear that the trash talk in the “League” is not SO brutal, because what Edwards says to Hernangomes touched MY skin, and I was just a spectator!

However, Hustle is one of the best Netflix movies available on the streaming service at the moment, and the film has been receiving rave reviews from critics since it appeared on the network. In part, this may be due to the fact that the director of “Hustle” Jeremy Tan borrowed from Martin Scorsese when shooting his basketball scenes. It may also just be that viewers like Sandler in dramatic roles like Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Drunk Love,” which turns 20 this year.

You can actually find Hustle in a few theaters, but it’s also available for streaming, so dive into it.