Hurricane Laura starts chemical fire in Louisiana


Unknown chemicals are released into the air from Lake Charles, Louisiana, as a result of the chemical plant fire following Hurricane Laura.

Louisiana authorities have asked people not to leave their homes and keep their homes closed and, if possible, seal their homes, this after a chemical plant suffered a fire after Hurricane Laura, which made landfall with category 4.

The fire at the Lake Charles chemical plant in Louisiana is due to the damaging effects left by the winds of Hurricane Laura, so during the morning of Thursday, after the passage of the storm, the fire started.

Images and videos of the fire show large plumes of smoke billowing over Interstate 10 and because the actual situation is unknown, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards advised locals to stay out of the area.

“There is a chemical fire in the Westlake / Moss Bluff / Sulfur area,” he tweeted.

He also advised residents to take refuge in the area until further notice and close the doors and windows in order to avoid inhaling the gases that are released during the fire.

For their part, the authorities are investigating what type of gases are released into the atmosphere as well as their danger, since so far it has not been possible to verify immediately, and it is not clear what started the fire.

Hurricane Laura left a catastrophe

Hurricane Laura made landfall near Lake Charles early Thursday morning, where a 133 mph gust and an 85 mph sustained wind were measured.

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The United States National Hurricane Center. (NHC, for its acronym in English) classified the storm as one of the most intense to hit the region in history, while emergency teams report at least one death and a sea of destruction.

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The NHC reported that Laura’s eye first hit the Cameron district of Louisiana at 01:00 am local time (06:00 GMT) but after making landfall it dropped its category to level 2 and hours later it was downgraded to a tropical storm.


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