Huobi Lists 120 Percent Riser in 1 Week: Badger DAO?


Badger DAO broke a record today by increasing its price with the momentum it has caught in recent weeks. Another news that reinforced BADGER’s performance came from the crypto currency exchange Huobi Global. When will Huobi list BADGER on what trading pairs and what is the Badger DAO?

The Badger DAO rose about 120% in a week, breaking the record on January 20. The BADGER token was trading at $ 17.07, hitting an all-time high. BADGER price increased by more than 150% in 1 month.

With its rising momentum, BADGER increased its market value to 33 million dollars. The trade volume for Badger DAO points to $ 27.6 million. For BADGER, which started its network life in December 2020, the previous high was $ 13, recorded in the middle of December.

Huobi Global lists BADGER tokens

Huobi Global, the world’s second largest exchange in terms of daily volume, announced that it will list the Badger DAO. Huobi, which listed the BADGER token under Inno Hub, announced that the deposit transactions started on January 20.

According to the official announcement, stock exchange users can execute their transactions in BADGER / USDT, BADGER / BTC and BADGER / ETH parities. On the Huobi stock exchange, BADGER will start trading transactions at 15:00 on January 20, while withdrawals will be activated on January 21 at 09:00.

What is Badger DAO (BADGER)?

Badger Finance is a DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) that focuses on bringing Bitcoin to decentralized finance. Badger has two important products so far. One is Sett, a yield adder in the DeFi market, and the other is Digg, an elastic supply cryptocurrency pegged to Bitcoin.

The project’s own crypto currency is announced as BADGER. The total token supply for BADGER is set at 21 million. As of January 20, the circulating supply was just over 2 million. BADGER tokens are listed on platforms such as MXC.COM, Uniswap, OKEx, 1inch Exchange, and


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