Hunt! Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston together again! Together!


Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were one of those couples that caused a furor in the 90s, mainly when he was already the most handsome man on Earth and she exploited her fame before the public because of her performance in the popular series’ Friends’, where even he got to have a dive. But finally Angelina Jolie would appear on the scene and the decline of their relationship, which ended up breaking in 2005. Since then there have been many rumors that have related to them, but none as intense as the one that has been shot because of this!

And their respective fans (who in some cases share) have only been excited to see the two together again, in which it is already one of the most anticipated reunions in the world. And that they have been separated for more than 15 years, but nobody has forgotten them as a couple. Remember that they married in 2000, just two years before the actor of “Seven” had his moment in the popular series in which she was the protagonist as Rachel. It all started there.

And so from the movie, they say, it was the crush then, that those same followers of one and the other expect that spark to return to their hearts and bring them together again. The truth is that for a good relationship it will not be, since although for a long time there was speculation about the possibility that she and he did not talk to each other – fruit of that supposed love triangle with Jolie -, both Pitt and Aniston have assured that they are a pillar from each other forever and they get along great.

And if so, what prevents them from being together again? Nothing. In fact, the feeling between the two actors is still intact and this is confirmed by their closest friends. And even some attendees at the Gala of the Golden Globes, where the faces were seen again. And it is precisely Jennifer’s face that has set off the alarms, since this is usually the mirror of the soul: See how she gets excited about her ex-husband’s speech when he received the award as ‘Best Supporting Actor’ after his performance in Quientin Tarantino’s movie, ‘Once Upon a Time … Hollywood’


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