Hunger Games: President Snow soon a hero of the prequel


The Hunger Game saga is back. In this prequel, we will not follow the adventures of Katniss, but those of President Snow.

Notice to Hunger Games fans : 8 years after the release of the first film, a prequel is in preparation . Spoiler alert: the character of President Snow will be the central character of this new spin-off.

Hunger Games will make its return to the big screen … The prequel to the saga would even be in the pipes. However, he will not focus on Katniss but on President Snow. Unfortunately, this news is not unanimous.

The story will therefore take place a few years before the Hunger Games . It will resume, in broad outline, the plot of the next novel by the successful author . As much to tell you right away: there is little chance that Jennifer Lawrence, aka Katniss Everdeen, will play a role.


President Snow, hero of a Hunger Game spin-off ? It is a rather unexpected revelation. We can even say that it is a disappointment for the fans who did not carry it in their hearts. If the latter could have rejoiced at the announcement of a new film, they did not imagine that it would be based on Coriolanus Snow. Besides, they did not wait to spill their anger. Others have also submitted their list of best contenders to a prequel, such as Effie, Haymitch or even Katniss’ father …

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We also know a little more about the plot, thanks to an excerpt from The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes , the next novel by Suzanne Collins. The film will therefore take place 64 years before the events of the films. President Snow, played at the time by Donald Sutherland, will therefore be replaced by a younger actor. More beautiful and charismatic, his character will be the opposite of that of the Hunger Games . Far from the tyrant he was, he will even be a real hero. However, it’s unclear if he’ll be Katniss. Here’s a look at what it should look like:


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