Humankind Wins PC Demo


Humankind: Those who have an eye on Humankind and were waiting for an opportunity to check out a preview of the game before purchasing the full edition can now check out the demo made available by Sega for the computer at the Epic Games Store, Steam and Microsoft Store.

According to Sega, those who download the demo will have the opportunity to play 100 turns and three historical eras (Neolithic, Ancient and Classical), in addition to having 14 different cultures to mix and match, possibility to customize the avatar, design of maps and sharing these areas with the community.

Finally, it was also mentioned that, until December 1st, the title will be with 20% discount on Standard and Deluxe editions. If interested, just access this link to make the purchase. In addition, yesterday a new update for the game was made available with the possibility of winning or losing a match on your own terms.