Humankind, Impressions And An Interview With Those Responsible


Humankind: We have already played Humankind, the new game from Amplitude Studios published by SEGA. We sat down in front of their managers to find out more details. Humankind is Amplitude Studios’ new proposal in the field of 4X. After traveling to space during the Endless Space saga, the Gallic team takes us by the hand through the history of mankind. A story that starts from the premise of being able to shape the culture of your people with your own hands. The study does not follow in the wake of other popular formulas: it seeks to propose a new perspective from freshness. After a few hours immersed in his first steps, everything seems to point to it.

At MeriStation we have had the opportunity to try an advance and to be able to chat with some of its top managers. Past, present and future of a title that after several delays already marks August 17 in red.

The creative difficulties of developing in the midst of a pandemic

“It’s difficult when you have to work on creative parts because we’re not all in the same room together. When brainstorming, sometimes we don’t know when a creative moment will happen that leads to a good idea ”, begins Romain de Waubert, creative director and head of the studio. Waubert’s words offer a new perspective on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected a development study. We are not only talking about how COVID-19 has affected production, but also the creative process.

“From the creative sense it has been hard”, confesses the director. “When everyone is at home, somehow the possibility dies that these moments happen, or that they happen less than they should.” In addition, it came at a time where they felt “the cost of postponing the game.” “We had to redo some things a few times, because we didn’t have the right creative idea. We had more iterations of the game than we should have had, ”he shares.


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