How Would Human Voice Occur on Other Planets?


We all know how human voices spread and heard on Earth. Acoustic experts, on the other hand, are thinking about how the human voice that spreads easily on Earth will be in the planets and satellites outside the Earth.

Acoustic specialists are doing some work on how the human voice will spread on other planets and satellites in our Solar system. It is of course difficult to learn by testing how sound will be on other planets. Environmental conditions do not allow a person to navigate other planets without protective clothing.

No matter which planet or satellite you are on, the human voice will occur in the same way. The pulsation of the air from the lungs creates the human voice we hear while speaking. What is the air force changes the frequency of the vocal cords. In addition, the volume of the sound will change which tone of the gas is in the air, and will change the tone of the sound.

We can explain how the human voice will spread according to different planets as follows:

The abundance of nitrogen in the atmosphere of the Earth and the relatively low carbon dioxide that absorbs the sound enables the sound to spread well.

You have to fight hard to make your voice heard on the red planet Mars. The fact that 95 percent of the Mars atmosphere is carbon dioxide prevents the sound from going long distances. (Molecular bonds of carbon dioxide absorb the sound.) Therefore, even the sounds emitted by the loud speakers that do not sound too high cannot go beyond 30 meters. The cold air of the planet also causes the sounds to spread slowly.

Saturn’s satellite, Titan, is one of the celestial objects most similar to Earth. However, the gas mixture in Titan’s atmosphere is 50 percent more intense than Earth’s. Cold air causes the sound to spread slowly. However, the amount of nitrogen in the satellite’s atmosphere can make the sound go too far.

The planet’s climate will make the sound drop about half an octave. However, sound waves move quickly in the fog on the planet.

Other planets:
In other planets orbiting the Sun, sound almost never spreads. Because there are no atmospheres on other planets or the atmosphere is too thin to make sound propagation possible.


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