Hulu Woke Shut Down after Two Seasons


The Hulu Wake service, created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd, was shut down after just two seasons. Inspired by the life of Knight, a cartoonist and musician known for comics such as The K Chronicles, the animated live-action comedy series follows Keogh, a visual artist and creator of the fictional Toast & Butter, who, after being racially described, discovered he could see and hear inanimate objects. The show, which premiered in September 2020, like much of Knight’s work, has retained its humor, exploring important and relevant social and political themes, including racism and identity. The second season of Woke debuted on April 8, 2022 after being renewed almost two years earlier. It stars Lamorn Morris, Blake Anderson, T. Murph, Rose McIver and Sashir Zamata.

Now Deadline reports that Hulu has canceled Wake after the recent release of the second season. The decision not to promote the third season may come as a surprise to some, given that the series has been well received by both critics and viewers. who praised his cast and ability to balance tones to express what the idea of “waking up” means. It is not yet known why Hulu decided not to renew the series.

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While the news of the cancellation of Woke may upset fans of the show, they can still look forward to what Knight will do next and how he will continue to expand the conversation about activism in his other works. The second season introduced viewers to Keef’s struggle with art-ivism and touched upon some of the difficulties associated with taking action. When it comes to the cast of Woke, fans can be sure to keep an eye on Lamorn Morris and others, and can also catch them in any upcoming projects.