Hulk’s New Magical Armor Makes Him Marvel’s Most Powerful Monster


Warning! Spoilers for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #2 from Marvel Comics

The Hulk has just received his own armored robot, which transforms the Jade Giant into an even more dangerous monster in the Marvel universe. In a brand new preview for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #2 from Marvel Comics, the Hulk is among the Avengers who have merged with the costumes of magical robots, turning them into hybrid monsters. While the rest of the heroes are stunned by their new forms, the Hulk manages to control him after a brief struggle with his new abilities.

In Marvel’s new “Mech Strike” series, the Avengers are given their own magical armor in an attempt to level the playing field with a group of villains who used the Eye of the Kraken to mysteriously transform into monsters. After learning that Loki, Doctor Doom, Venom and the Green Goblin had become monsters, they turned to Doctor Strange for help. The Archmage used the Kraken’s other Eye to upgrade his mechs’ armor; however, when he unleashed his power, it turned the Avengers, including the Hulk, into monsters themselves, as they horribly merged with their mechs.

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In a brand new preview of Mech Strike: Monster Hunter #2 Christos Gage, Paco Diaz, Fernando Cifuentes from Protobunker and Corey Petit from VC from Marvel Comics the consequences of Doctor Strange’s use of the Kraken Eye on the Avengers and their mechanical armor are revealed. Strange tells Earth’s Greatest Heroes not to succumb to the evil nature of magical artifacts as their mechs receive monstrous upgrades. While other Avengers like Black Panther and Iron Man struggle with their new corrupted forms, the Hulk avoids the influence of the Kraken’s Eye as he reveals that the Monster’s Eye was “trying to tell the Hulk what to do. But no one tells the Hulk what to do.”

However, despite escaping the evil influence of the Kraken’s Eye, the Hulk and his magical mechanical armor form are fighting their fellow Avengers. He tells the monster heroes that they are “stupid” if they listen to the Monstrous Eye, forcing Dr. Strange to admit that there is a reason why the Hulk has not written any “self-help books”.

In the end, the Hulk can escape the influence of the Monster’s Eye, despite the fact that his fellow Avengers have been corrupted by a magical artifact. Seeing the Jade Giant become an even more terrifying fusion creature with his mechanical armor, he becomes a new type of monster. He turns out to be the strongest hero among the altered and improved Avengers, as the Hulk copes with his transformation better than anyone else affected by the Eye of the Kraken. As a result, Hulk’s magical armor and original powers make him the most powerful monster in the Marvel universe. Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #2 from Marvel Comics will go on sale in comic book stores on Wednesday.


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