Hulk Woman’s Powers May Explain Professor Hulk’s “Death”


The theoretical “death” of Professor Hulk can be explained by the forces of Jennifer Walters in the upcoming Disney+ series “The Hulk Woman”. “The Hulk Woman” will be released on August 17, but several trailers that have been released for the show, along with other MCU films such as “Shang Chi” and “The Legend of the Ten Rings,” contain many details that can be scrutinized in She-Hulk. Hulk. In particular, the Hulk appears in the form of Bruce Banner in the scene after the credits of “Shang Chi”, and then reappears in the form of Professor Hulk in the trailers for “The Hulk Woman”.

In Avengers: Finale, Hulk was left with his arm in a sling due to a gamma ray explosion that occurred when he brought everyone back to life with the Infinity Gauntlet. Bruce was still in the form of Professor Hulk at the end of the movie, so it was a big shock to see him back in the role of Bruce Banner during the events following Shang Chi. In this scene, Bruce still had a bandage on his arm, but the burns on his arm seem to have almost completely healed. By the time the Hulk is seen again in the trailers for the movie “The Hulk Woman”, his arm is completely healed.

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It’s unclear if it was just time that solved the situation, but the Hulk Woman herself could have been the reason for this transformation back into Bruce and then back into the Hulk. Her abilities can be the catalyst for Bruce to remain in the form of Professor Hulk forever. Both in the trailers for The Hulk Woman and in the comics, Jennifer Walters is proud of her abilities and does not hide them. She accepts her new gifts, having a form somewhat similar to Bruce’s in the role of Professor Hulk, where she can have all the strength and power of a Female Hulk, but at the same time retain her personality and intelligence. This may cause Bruce to have a revelation that will encourage him to accept his powers and his relationship with the Hulk, creating a dynamic in which he is at peace with his green doppelganger.

In the films where Bruce plays Professor Hulk, it seems that his powers have been weakened a bit, which is good for everyday life, but not so great when it comes to an Avengers-type threat. Seeing how the Hulk Woman fully accepts her powers, he can understand that he too must fully accept the Hulk. It’s possible that, after seeing the example set by his cocky cousin, Bruce could come to terms with the fact that it might be better to let the “other guy” take over from time to time, essentially “killing” his combined form of Professor Hulk. .

It’s also worth noting that in Jennifer Walters’ comics, a blood transfusion from Bruce gives her the opportunity to transform into a Female Hulk. Perhaps Bruce just needed to return to human form to give her this transfusion, since the needle would not be able to penetrate the Hulk’s skin. However, it is more likely that after the events of The Hulk Woman, Bruce/The Smart Hulk comes to terms with the Hulk and develops a more symbiotic relationship with him, unlike his current form when he completely hides the Hulk.