Hulk Woman: That Jamila Jamil found inspiration in Titania’s game


Jamila Jamil tells how she found the role of Titania in the upcoming TV series “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer” an inspiring experience. Jamil is known for past roles such as the role of Tahani Al-Jamil in “The Good Place”, voicing Roxy in “Jurassic World: Chalk Camp” and hosting the game show “Index of Suffering”. She will also be voicing Wonder Woman in the upcoming DC animated film League of Super-Pets.

“Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” follows Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslany) as a woman balancing her life as a single lawyer in her 30s who sometimes becomes a 6-foot-7 superhero, the Hulk Woman. Jamil will play with Maslany in the role of one of the rivals of a Female Hulk named Titania, who also has incredible strength. The series also includes some returning characters from the Hulk universe, such as Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Bruce Banner, and Tim Roth returning as Emil Blonsky. The series was created by Jessica Gao (“Rick and Morty”), and its premiere on Disney + is scheduled for August 17, 2022.

In an interview with E! News, Jamil says that her preparation for the role of Titania inspired and inspired her in several ways. Jamil says that preparing for the role of Titania, which should be very strong, allowed her to use her body in a new way and made her feel strong and powerful, especially after performing most of her own tricks. She says that this role has changed her position and given her a newfound confidence in herself and her body. She says that she has been working to cure an eating disorder all her life, and that the role of Titania has helped her on this journey, especially because Titania is a character who wants to be big, strong and beautiful. Jamil’s full quote can be read below:

I have to learn to use my body in a whole new way, because I’ve always been so clumsy, pathetic and like Mr. Bean, and for the first time they made me feel strong and powerful, and I did it 90 percent. my own tricks. I do not know how much actually went into the show, because, as you know, with Marvel, they can really only bring so much into the context of it all. But I’ve transformed, and the way I stand has changed, my confidence has changed, and the way I treat my body, you know, I’ve been working on curing an eating disorder all my life, and I feel like for the first time ever I may have actually cracked it. Because I’m playing Titania, I want to be big, I want to be strong, that’s all her business, and she thinks it’s beautiful and powerful, and we’ve been taught for so long not to take up space, and I feel like she wants to take up as much space in the room as possible, and I I think it really inspires a much needed message.

Jamil learns that the process of turning into Titania, which has benefited her life, is nice to hear. The fact that Jamil performed 90 percent of her stunts impresses with her commitment to the role, but also gives the viewer the opportunity to see her demonstrate her hard work and dedication, which ultimately made her more proud of herself. Jamil is so open and honest in her treatment of an eating disorder, and as a chance to play a character who sees her physical strength and size as an advantage, rather than insecurity, is admirable.

Jamil comments on several ways Hollywood has traditionally required female actresses to fit a certain size and body type in order to be considered beautiful. It’s nice to hear about a role like Titania, which sincerely inspires an actor like Jamil, and gives viewers the opportunity to see a female character who finds joy in her strength and confidence in her body the way it is. Viewers will have to tune in to The Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer series during its premiere on Disney+ to witness some of Jamil’s tricks and how her character will fight the Hulk Woman.


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