Hulk Woman Tells Why She Doesn’t Stay in Her Green “Hulk” Uniform


Warning! Spoilers for She-Hulk #5 from Marvel Comics

Jennifer Walters transforms into a Female Hulk at a slower rate than before, as she tries not to attract the attention of her green double and her connection with the Jack of Hearts. In She-Hulk #5 from Marvel Comics, Jennifer explains to the recently returned hero that she keeps everything a secret when it comes to the Hulk and the use of her abilities, as she doesn’t want the Avengers to know about Jack’s return. .

The Jack of Hearts returned to the pages of The Hulk Woman when the long-dead hero mysteriously came back to life. Jack immediately ran into the Hulk Woman, and the pair of heroes got along surprisingly well, as Jennifer Walters helped him re-acclimatize to a completely different world than the one in which he lived. However, Jack of Hearts’ previous death when his powers exploded in the Avengers Mansion and also killed Scott Lang, making him an enemy of Earth’s most powerful heroes. The Hulk woman understands that she needs to behave with restraint, avoid greenery and attract attention to herself so that the Jack of Hearts does not become the next target of the Avengers.

In Hulk Woman #5, Rainbow Rowell’s Luca Maresca, Rico Renzi, Joe Caramagna of Venture Capital and Jen Bartel, Jennifer Walters and the Jack of Hearts end up going to dinner, where the latter shares that sometimes it feels like he’s gone forever. “life.” Jack asks Jennifer why she is not in her basic “green” Hulk form, as he thought she preferred to stick to that appearance. Walters admits that turning into a Female Hulk and showing off her abilities draws more attention to her, but since no one knows the Jack of Hearts is back, the Avengers might disagree with him if they find out he’s back.

Jennifer Walters is not entirely truthful with the Jack of Hearts. While it’s true that she doesn’t want to draw attention to herself and Jack by turning into her green Female Hulk form; she also didn’t tell him about how his death led to Scott Lang’s demise. Walters realizes that eventually she will have to tell him the truth, but still struggles to reveal what really happened the last time Jack was on Earth.

In the end, the Hulk Woman will have to confess to the Jack of Hearts, since at some point the green color and the Hulking will attract the attention of her fellow Avengers and force them to ask questions about the hero’s return. But for now, the Hulk Woman is keeping everything a secret, staying in her human form and avoiding using her abilities unless it’s necessary in order to keep the Jack of Hearts a secret until she finds the best way to tell her the news of his return. fellow heroes.