Hulk Woman: Is the history of Medicine a tribute to a specific Marvel villain?


Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Hulk Women prior to Episode 4. The Hulk Woman continues the great Marvel comics tradition: Amazing faces appear every week as Jennifer Walters leads her life as both a lawyer and a Hulk. The fourth episode of the Disney Plus series specifically shows how dangerous the multiverse is, but does so from the courtroom as Wong tries to press charges against a magician using the magic of a sling ring without proper permission to open portals to new worlds. .

While the court case may have more serious implications for the future of the MCU, the episode also introduced Patty Guggenheim as a new character, a woman named Madisinn (No, the letter Y is not where you think it is!), who finds herself involved in a magical conflict. . The character quickly became a fan favorite on social media as she took her experience calmly and with a drink in hand. However, her story has sparked some fan theories and comparisons to other comic book characters, particularly a couple of Marvel villains.

The story of Madisinn in the movie “The Hulk Woman”

When Madisinn acts as a witness in the movie “The Hulk Woman”, it concerns the trial over the ban on the use of magic by those who are not associated with the mystical arts. She tells the story of how she was transported from Donnie Blaze’s magic show to a whole new dimension.

New dimensions, new timelines, and new universes are nothing new to the Marvel Cinematic universe, but Madisinn’s story is unique. She meets a talking goat, meets a demon named Jake (who may or may not be the same creature as the talking goat, judging by the course of her story), escapes from a pit of lava in a world filled with fire and demons, thanks to a pact requiring six drops of blood and eventually She passes through the portal directly into the home of Wong, her new friend who likes to watch The Sopranos Clan.

The story of Madison is outlandish, but its aspects may be familiar to fans of Marvel comics or even just MCU fans who follow Internet theories about the characters’ appearance.

Similarities to Madeleine Pryor

Some fans have noted that Madisinn has several similarities with the comic book character Madeleine Pryor.

Pryor, eventually known as the Goblin Queen, was created by Mr. Sinister as a doppelganger of Jean Grey, created specifically for Scott Summers to fall in love with her and become Jean’s replacement. She, too, almost made a deal with a demon and has a unique spelling of the classic name with the letter Y. These things tend to stand out for comic book fans familiar with the X-Men characters.

Of course, all these similarities are probably just coincidences — or perhaps a way to wink at fans who are still waiting for the X-Men and related characters to appear in the MCU. The similarity is a way to show fans that screenwriters are paying attention to how much theorizing and hasty conclusions longtime fans of Marvel properties can make. It’s a way to tell the fans that they see them and that there are still a lot of Easter eggs ahead. After all, some fans thought that the magician Donnie Blaze was a mocking reference to the Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze from the comics. However, there may be an even more mocking reference in the fourth episode of The Hulk Woman than Madisinn as Madeleine Pryor’s understudy.

An ironic bow to Mephisto

Marvel fans were avidly devouring the Vandavision episodes when they aired as the first new MCU property on Disney Plus, with new theories emerging every week about which character would appear next. One of the most popular concerns Mephisto, a demon in Marvel comics who has proclaimed himself the ruler of a dimension known as Hell.

Mephisto’s hell includes fire, lava pits, demons, and many deals with the devil. Mephisto considers himself Marvel’s answer to the devil. He even makes deals for the souls of those who come to him for help, and signs contracts signed in blood. It all sounds like it could have been straight out of Madisinn’s story.

Moreover, Mephisto also had the features of a goat in some of his appearances with horns and forked legs. He is also known as Jack as one of his aliases, which is easy enough to confuse with Jake.

None of this means that “The Hulk Woman” will actually be Mephisto’s debut, but more than that, the Hulk Woman writing team has made it a good practice to make sure that many of the items included in the episodes can lead to legitimate Easter eggs. (for example, the appearance of the Wrecking Crew), metadata to the MCU (for example, the Hulk is literally another person) and larger fan theories that allow viewers to interact with the show. The idea that Madison could have crossed paths with Mephisto is a funny theory, but most likely it’s just a tribute to the biggest fan theory of “Vandavision”, which did not come true, a tribute to the fans, whom the writers appreciate for how much fun the fans have. having with the MCU.


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