Hulk Woman Episode 4 Easter Eggs


Jennifer Walters faced a whole new challenge this week, entering the world of online dating. She learned the hard way how the superheroine struggles for her personal life, and also met new people at work and formed a stronger bond with Wong.

Episode 4 “The Hulk Woman” expanded on the numerous storylines revealed in previous episodes, had several connections to other past and potential Marvel projects, and even showed viewers how strange couples sometimes create the best duets. Here are all the Easter eggs this week that fans should know about.

Donnie Blaze

Speculation about the appearance of a Ghost Rider in the series began to spread even before the premiere of The Hulk Woman, and fans hoped to see a new Johnny Blaze in the Marvel cinematic universe. Although episode 4 wasn’t exactly what the fans had in mind, they met a character with a similar name, even though his name is Donny, not Johnny.

Knowing Marvel, this could mean one of two things. First, the inclusion of a character named Donny could simply be an MCU mocking fans desperate to meet a new and improved version of the Ghost Rider. Secondly, as always, there is a chance that the Hulk Woman will come up with something for the future, giving an original meaning to such a famous character.

Honshu’s Necklace

Donnie’s name wasn’t the only thing that surprised him this week. In the opening scene of episode 4, Donnie wears several different necklaces. Right under his gaudy chain with the letter “B” is a pendant that closely resembles the Egyptian god of the Moon Knight, Honshu.

It probably wasn’t a coincidence, given how Marvel likes to make connections between projects through small details until a comprehensive storyline brings the characters together. Having received such a positive fan reaction, Stephen Grant and Mark Spector will undoubtedly play a more important role in the franchise at some point during Phase 5, perhaps thanks to connections with the underwhelming and soft-spoken magician Donnie Blaze.

Wong is a pop culture lover

Despite his professional preoccupation with the mystical arts, the beloved Marvel Supreme Wizard is a big fan of the popular TV show “The Sopranos Clan.” His particular obsession with the series led to the fact that this week he had an unexpected friend named Madisinn King, as well as the completely absurd household name Vongers.

Jan’s to-do list

A brief overview of Jennifer’s to-do list for the day recalled various moments from previous episodes of the series. There were a lot of references to Emil Blonsky and his recent court case, as Jen’s list was full of things she needed to do to make ends meet after the parole hearing.

She also made a note to order purple and green markers, an obvious reference to the classic image of the Hulk from the comics. Thinking of her cousin, she made sure to include a few tasks about buying Cheetos and chopsticks, referring to the moment she and Bruce shared in episode 1.

The last page of her list mentioned a trial between two names that fans haven’t seen yet, Kraft and Soul. It was probably an allusion to Marvel comics authors David Anthony Craft and Charles Soule, who really played a role in bringing the Hulk Woman to life on the pages. A slot was also left for Lee and Byrne, a clear recognition of Marvel creator Stan Lee and comic book artist John Byrne.

The Incredible Hulk Woman

During one of her many outings on the Internet dating site Matcher, Jen met a lot of pretty terrible men. One in particular described her as a “model” and said her battle with Titania in the courtroom was “incredible.”

Jen handled it as best she could, even joking that people like to use that word in her presence because of her relationship with Bruce. The date was certainly awkward, but she confirmed that MCU citizens must call her the Incredible Hulk Woman quite often.

Titania will be back

Jen’s date wasn’t the only time celebrity and villain Titania were mentioned this week. In the last moments of episode 4, Jen discovered that Titania’s Internet subscribers were violently protesting against her release from prison. Right after that, Jen discovered that Titania was planning to sue her for using the name Hulk Woman, to which Titania claims to have copyright privileges.

This is certainly preparation for another battle between them in the future, probably legal and physical. The tension between them is bound to increase when they stand trial together, and this would not be a Marvel Cinematic universe production if there were no exchanges of blows between them in the future.

Hulk Woman fights Demons

The demonic creatures released in episode 4 were quite adorable when they were little, although they had a taste for blood. It might seem a little strange that the Hulk is dealing with enemies more traditionally reserved exclusively for characters like Doctor Strange, Jen has actually fought demons before in Marvel comics.


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