Hulk Woman Episode 3 Easter Eggs


Fans finally got to see Jennifer Walters working on her first case as head of the superhero law department in this week’s episode “The Hulk Woman,” and they got a lot of laughs along the way. Episode 3 introduced new faces, brought back some beloved old ones, and laid new potential storylines for the future.

There are only six episodes left, and the Hulk Woman has already passed a third of the season, and the series has yet to tie up many unfinished ends. The most famous rival of the Female Hulk from the comics, Titania, has not yet returned, there has been no news about Bruce since he went to Sakaar, and the release of the Abomination from prison will surely make the audience and Jen think about what will happen next. In the meantime, these are all the main Easter eggs from the third episode.

Faiz Wong is still strong

Fans and Marvel Studios are joking that Phase 4 is better called the Wong Phase. The new Supreme Wizard has appeared in a lot of recent projects, and the Hulk Woman is no different. Even Jen had fun breaking the fourth wall to tell the fans that she knows how happy they are to see Wong. She also urged them not to pin their hopes on more cameos besides her cousin Bruce because it’s not that kind of show.

Despite this, there was a lot of Wong content to keep viewers happy. The sorcerer came to the defense of Emil Blonsky for his activities outside of working hours in Shang Chi, claiming that he forced the Abomination to leave his cell, and Blonsky should not be held responsible for it. It was also revealed that Wong was once a Target salesman at Kamar Taj before becoming a librarian and Supreme Wizard.

Gideon Wilson

A brief flash on the TV screen showed a news interview with Gideon Wilson, the first lawyer at the first criminal Abomination trial. Although the scene itself was modest, the title should alert comic book readers.

In Marvel comics, Sam Wilson had a brother named Gideon who blamed the Hulk for his son’s death. Now that Sam has moved from the role of the Falcon to the mantle of Captain America, fans will see him in large numbers in Phase 5. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced Sam’s sister, Sarah, but perhaps Gideon will return as Captain. America 4, when Sam returns.

Mallory’s Book

Episode 3 brought another familiar face from the comics with the introduction of Mallory’s Book. As an alternative, called “the person who never loses a case,” her character was introduced to the MCU during a brief discussion of the job. She and Jen had a long-standing rivalry in comics, they always tried to beat each other in the courtroom.

Mirror and shadow dimension

Discussing the Abomination case with Jen, Wong suggested putting him either in the Mirror Dimension or in the Shadow Dimension. The mirror dimension has been a key point in many MCU movies, so fans are well familiar with how it works. However, the name Shadow Dimension has not yet been invented.

It’s possible that Wong was referring to the Dark Dimension that was introduced during “Doctor Strange” in 2016, but there’s also a chance that viewers will see a new mystical world in the future.

Asgard is not a place

When the werewolf elf Runa arranges a legal drama for Jen’s former colleague, Dennis Bukowski, she tries to get out of trouble with sweet talk. Runa begins a dramatic speech and declares that she should have diplomatic immunity from Asgard, because Asgard is people, not a place.

This phrase is taken from one of Thor’s most notable speeches in the franchise and has done a great job inspiring the people of Asgard to rise up after they lost everything. However, the judge immediately stops the Rune’s efforts and says that moving Torah quotes are not an effective defense in court.

Megan Thee Stallion — Canon MCU

Runa’s antics provided the perfect transition to the Female Hulk’s most shocking cameo, as the werewolf pretended to be award-winning rapper Megan T. Stud. It’s not unusual for the MCU to refer to real pop culture, but they rarely invite a real celebrity to play themselves.

Marvel did something similar in Iron Man 2, where Elon Musk briefly appeared as himself. However, his role was not as significant as Megan’s role in the third episode. She still made music and won a Grammy in the MCU, implying that her fictional life is not much different from her life in the real world.

Megan watched Runa’s trial in court, and the post-credits scene showed her and Jen dancing to one of her songs in the office. It was a great way to end the episode, and it confirmed that Jen’s penchant for groupies extends not only to Steve Rogers, but also to more stars.


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