Hulk Woman Episode 2 Easter Eggs


In this week’s episode of The Hulk Woman, Jennifer Walters embarked on an unconventional journey to find work-life balance as she finally combined her work with her new superhuman abilities. Despite the fact that Jen found a way to be both a Hulk and a lawyer, Jen’s first case went back to the early 2000s, when the Hulk debuted live on the big screen.

Episode 2 set the stage for chaos in the future, which Jen will undoubtedly have to work hard to overcome. In addition to highlighting her personal journey as a Female Hulk, the show skillfully connected the current phase of Marvel with stories about the past.

The abomination returns

After years of dropping the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie, the MCU finally acknowledged the existence of the film in the second episode of The Hulk Woman. Jen’s first client as a Female Hulk is none other than Emil Blonsky, best known as the big and bad Abomination.

Blonsky claims to have turned over a new page by expressing his feelings with poetry rather than anger, but his presence is certainly shaking up Marvel’s future. Not only does it completely tie the MCU to the Incredible Hulk, but the larger role of the Abomination in the franchise also opens the door to a large number of untapped storylines.

As it turned out, he was also in the same prison as the secret residents from “Miss Marvel”.

Shang Chi Fight Club

Episode 2 also acknowledged a scene from “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” where Abomination fought Wong in an underground fight club. This particular mention will prove to be a difficult moment for Jen’s case, as she will have to explain how and why Blonsky left the prison to exchange blows with the Supreme Wizard.

Jen’s obsession with the cap continues

The Hulk woman is still spinning the best joke from the first episode, and Jen is obsessed with Captain America. When she turns on her phone, fans see that her lock screen is a picture of an American ass in all its glory, which once again proves that she is a big fan of Steve Rogers.

Hawkeye Arrows

Forced to suffer through an uncomfortable family dinner, Jen’s father asks her about Clint Barton and his arrow extraction methods. This particular issue has sparked discussion among fans on the internet who have questioned the practicality of all this. Not to mention, the idea of Hawkeye running around and collecting arrows during and after a battle is a pretty funny mental image.

A completely different person

The abomination wasn’t the only thing linking the Female Hulk to the Incredible Hulk this week, as fans were given a short but smart break in the fourth wall. In addition to Jen’s colorful comment addressed to the audience, Bruce explains that he has survived his fight with the Abomination since it happened so long ago.

He even goes so far as to say he is “a completely different person,” acknowledging the cast change from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo. Jen then looks into the camera and emits a shy “haha”, sharing an understanding of what MCU fans were experiencing at the same time.

The hero’s name is Jen

During the same phone conversation, Bruce asks Jen what her official superhero name is. As it was established during the premiere, MCU heroes rarely choose their names, as the public usually does it for them. Jen reluctantly admits that she was nicknamed The Hulk Woman, and Bruce officially becomes the first person to ever call her the Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney and referred to the name of the show.

Thor: Ragnarok strikes again

The events of the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, widely recognized as the best film about Thor, still affect the Marvel franchise. The reason Jennifer became the Hulk was due to the sudden appearance of a Sakaar spaceship in the middle of the road, as shown in episode 1.

Sakaar was the planet Bruce landed on when he disappeared after Avengers: Age of Ultron and spent years as a slender, green fighting machine. Apparently, the inhabitants of Sakaar refuse to let go of their former champion and hunt him all over the galaxy.

Bruce told Jen that he had things to take care of before he could visit her in Los Angeles, and then showed him a trip to space on the same Sakaar ship that found him on Earth.

Avengers Online

While Jen is looking for a new job, the camera flashes on her computer screen, where you can see several references to the Avengers. At the top of her screen there are links to webpages called “Find Ant-Man,” “Norse Mythology,” and “The Avengers.” Above two particularly intriguing articles, an advertisement for shoes called “Iron Man Three” also appears.

The title of the first article is probably a reference to Wolverine and reads: “A man fights with metal claws in a bar fight.” In the second article, finally, the fateful events of the “Eternals” are recognized under the title “Why a giant statue of a man sticks out of the ocean”. This tiny Easter egg unites the Eternals with the rest of the MCU, something the franchise has not done so far.


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