Hulk Woman: 10 Non-Bruce Banner Hulks To Appear in the MCU


Hulk is one of the most influential and prominent MCU heroes to date, having debuted in Phase 1 and has been appearing regularly in the MCU ever since. However, Bruce Banner isn’t the only character who has the shape of the Hulk in the comics, and many other characters have been turning into their own gamma—filled behemoths over the years.

Many of these Hulks are worthy of a debut in the MCU, and since the Female Hulk has officially joined the universe, it’s safe to say that very soon many more Hulks will debut on the MCU timeline, some of which have already been teased earlier in past films.

Clad in iron

Michael Steele, later known as Iron Clad, is a Hulk-like villain with a metallic appearance and possessing superhuman strength (along with the power of density manipulation). Steele was an engineer, scientist and pilot who recreated the original flight of the Fantastic Four on a rocket through the cosmic ray belt to endow him with superpowers.

His experiment was a success, and then Steele used his superpowers for evil, fighting such enemies as Daredevil, Captain America and, first of all, the Hulk. The iron-clad villain has repeatedly appeared in many media outlets and is worthy of at least a cameo in “Hulk Woman: Sworn Lawyer” or a role in “Thunderbolts” when he finally debuts in the MCU.

Weapon N

Weapon H is the Hulk form of former mercenary Clayton Cortez, who was forcibly injected with the DNA of Amadeus Cho and Old Man Logan while participating in the Weapon X program, turning him into a gray wanderer with retractable adamantium claws. With the character interacting with MCU characters like Doctor Strange, the Hulk, and the Black Knight in the comics, he could be a perfect fit for the MCU.

After Disney acquired Fox and all the rights to the X-Men film adaptation (via Vox), Marvel had the opportunity to debut not only with Wolverine, but also with Weapon H in the cinematic universe (possibly as the main antagonist of Mark Ruffalo’s dream). Hulk vs Wolverine”, in which this character is a common enemy of the Hulk and Wolverine in the comics).

Doc Samson

Leonard Skivorski was the former psychiatrist of Bruce Banner, who was exposed to gamma radiation (which gave him superhuman strength and physique). Samson is associated with many pre-existing MCU characters, including Bruce Banner’s former partner Betty Ross, which caused a fierce rivalry between Samson and the Hulk.

Skivorksi appeared in the MCU earlier in “The Incredible Hulk” (and his role was played by Ty Burrell), but, unfortunately, the character did not transform into his Hulk form and has not appeared in the MCU since. However, after Tim Roth’s Abomination appeared in the films “Shang Chi”, “The Legend of the Ten Rings” and “The Hulk Woman”, we can expect the return of Burrell and Samson in the near future, perhaps in the next season of the show.


Skaar is the son of the Hulk, who was conceived in the comics during the time of the Hulk on Sakaar (the home planet of Skaar’s mother Kayera). Although Skaar has not yet appeared in the MCU, there is a possibility that he could have been conceived during the Hulk’s stay on Sakarra in the MCU. Along with this, the character has connections with the multiverse in certain storylines, so there is always an opportunity to debut a character through the multiverse.

Skaar has a lot of potential in the cinematic universe, as he is often portrayed as an antihero or villain, which means he can be a destructive, bloodthirsty Hulk, Bruce Banner has never been within the MCU. Skaar may appear in a future Hulk project such as The Hulk Woman, where he could work with Jennifer and Bruce to fight a greater evil, or in alliance with a villain such as the Leader, later joining a team such as the Dark Avengers.


Hulkling is a hybrid of a Skrull and a Kree, which not only has superpowers, but also has unique flight and shape—shifting abilities. Being a role model for the LGBTQ+ community, he is currently in a loving relationship with The Mutant Wiccan.

Since the Marvel cinematic universe is clearly preparing for the Young Avengers project, even the copywriting of the Avengers Academy title and the debut of participants such as Wiccan, it is likely that Hulking will soon appear in the universe. In addition, given that the Kree and the Skrulls are the canon of the MCU, and Secret Invasion (a project focused on the Skrulls) together with the Hulk Woman is not far off, it seems that the MCU is preparing for the debut of the Hulking soon.

The Red Hulk

In the form of the Red Hulk, Thunderer Ross gains abilities such as superpowers and the ability to overheat to extreme temperatures (which he often uses when fighting his nemesis the Hulk). Thunderer Ross made his debut in The Incredible Hulk (performed by William Hurt) and has been an integral part of the MCU ever since, starring in only 5 films.


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