Hulk and Linda Hogan can’t enter AEW shows


Linda Hogan has published a tweet where she has made it very clear what her position is and has also made it very clear, how stupid people can be, and this tweet has been replicated by Tony Khan where she said that Linda Hogan had from now on entrance to AEW shows is prohibited as is Hulk Hogan.

Linda Hogan’s tweet in question read as follows:

Watching the looting, they are all African Americans, I’m not sure how to steal and loot, they will make things clear, but if they want to be heard they need to be civilized

Tony Khan replied and said:

You have joined your husband to the list of people who are prohibited from entering AEW shows. Congratulations.

Khan had never mentioned that the Hulk Hogan was banned from AEW shows, but we assume this must be because of the racist language he used in the videos that were leaked a few years ago, and that it also cost the Hulk Hogan his contract with WWE, although the fighter would return to the company in 2018.


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