Huion vs. Wacom: which tablet to buy?


Do you know what a tablet is? The gadget, popular with designers, replaces the mouse and guarantees greater precision for movements. With the help of a pen, it is possible to draw on the sensitive part of the device, and everything that is done on that surface is translated into movements on the computer.

In the tablet market there are two brands that stand out: Huion and Wacom. Both offer several options for accessories, but the most popular are Wacom One and Huion 420, entry models that offer great performance.

For those who do not know or do not know which tablet to buy, we will present the main characteristics of the tables of both brands. Check out.

Wacom One CTL472 graphics tablet

Considered a great tablet option for beginners, the Wacom One stands out because of the low price, costing less than R $ 400. Therefore, it is an alternative for those looking for a cheap device.

The model has a lot of quality: it is plug-and-play and does not need any software to work perfectly. In addition, with the manufacturer’s drivers it is possible to enjoy some advantages, such as changing the sensitivity of the pen and adjusting the functions of the buttons.

The table itself is compact in size, making it good for those who don’t have a very large work area and need to share space with a mouse and keyboard. They are 210 mm x 146 mm x 8.7 mm in size, and the active area of ​​the accessory is 152 mm x 94 mm.

This Wacom model has 204 pressure points, a resolution of 2540 LPI and a reading speed of 133 pss. The connection to the computer is made using a micro USB cable, but the table can also work via a wireless connection. It is worth mentioning that the operation of the pen does not depend on batteries, which is a positive point.

The graphics tablet for drawing by Wacom is a versatile model and offers an excellent performance when carrying out various graphic works. The accessory is ideal for using Photoshop, Corel, Krita and several other editing programs.

Huion 420 graphics tablet

Despite being less known than Wacom, Huion is a brand that has won over the public because of its cost-benefit. The Huion 420 model manages to be even cheaper than the competitor, bringing very similar functionality.

It is a digitizing tablet for an even more compact design, measuring 176 mm x 111 7.5 mm and working area 106 mm x 64.6 mm. This means that the accessory is longer, but has a smaller design surface. For those just starting out, this may not be such a big advantage, as a larger area favors greater freedom.

This tablet is inexpensive and has the same 2048 pressure levels, but a slightly higher pen resolution, reaching 4 thousand LPI – which defines its sensitivity. This means that it is possible to make drawings with a slightly better level of detail with this model.


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