Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Tablet: is it worth it?


Despite being very popular among professionals in the areas of animation, editing, design and artistic design, the graphics tablet is becoming an increasingly requested device. This is because it can facilitate – and a lot – the daily lives of many people.

The models are pressure sensitive, so everything you do on their surface will appear on your computer screen. Perfect accessory for digital drawing or even to be used as a notebook or virtual notebook. In addition to being more accurate than a mouse, the graphics tablet is also considered more ergonomic.

Huion digitizing tables

Huion is a brand specializing in creative gadgets, with a varied catalog of graphics tablets and related accessories. Even though it is new in Brazil, the brand has already gained space and popularity with models such as Huion 420 and Huion Inspiroy H640P.

For this content, we chose to present the main features of the Huion H640P graphics tablet, one of the most popular models in the category. Check out the main features.

Battery and Dimensions

The H640P is the first model of the brand that has electromagnetic induction technology and no battery, which gives more freedom for creation.

In terms of design, the model is ultra-thin, weighs just 277 grams and is 8 millimeters thick. Its drawing area is 16 x 9.9 centimeters.

Sensitivity and Pen

The model has 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity – the highest in the digital tablet industry, which guarantees a sensitive response, making the strokes more natural and smooth.

The pen is detected at a height of 10 mm, with an accuracy of ± 0.3 mm and a resolution of 5080LPI. The reading speed of the pen is 233 PPS, which delivers incredible accuracy in contact with the table surface. To close, the pen also has eight extra nibs.


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